About Courses and Events



Courses & Events:

In order for participants to gain an understanding how their practice might benefit from attending a  Course or Event that they might see advertised, we have complied a brief overview of the many ways Yantra Yoga may be presented, experienced and practiced.

 Yantra Yoga Events – tend to be presentational and/or informational – demonstrating  and explaining various aspects of Yantra Yoga for an audience.  Events occur frequently throughout the world at various Yoga Festivals, Cultural Institutions, as well as Cultural Festivals and Local Community gatherings where Yantra Yoga is presented both through talks and lectures and practiced physically as a presentation and or demonstration

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Yantra Yoga Courses – tend to be instructional, with physical engagement of the practice by participants as the main purpose. Some of the differences  between courses relate primarily to the way Yantra Yoga is structured and practiced, with Preliminary ExercisesMain Yantras, and Methods for Advancing. Along with these, there is a parallel of Pranayamas (Breathing Practices & Exercises), which have their own levels of gradual complexity.



 Open Courses & Dzogchen Community Courses

Another important distinction between Courses is when they are presented as an Open Course (OC) or a Dzogchen Community Course (DC).

OC_redOpen Courses are for anyone who wishes to learn about and benefit from the practice of Yantra Yoga

DC_blueDC Courses are for dedicated students  of the Dzogchen Teachings and Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, and are Members of the Dzogchen Community.

KKKumar Kumari Courses Yantra Yoga classes designed specifically for children between 5 and 12 years of age.