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Yantra Yoga for Beginners (supervision course)

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OC_red Open course Includes: Base Course, First Module, Second Module


January - 26 - 2015 - January - 29 - 2015


    Course Description:

    Yantra Yoga For Beginners (supervision course)

    The Tibetan Yoga of Movement

    The new instructors who hold this course will be supervised by Laura Evangelisti

    This beginners course will cover the preliminaries of Yantra Yoga, covering:

    • 9 purification breathings
    • Tsigjon
    • Lunsang
    • Tsadul
    • The Yantras and Pranayamas of the First and Second series, and the Vajra Wave.

    Schedule: To be announced



    Dzamling Gar, 38678 Adeje/Spain