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TEACHER TRAINING – Level One, led by Laura Evangelisti and Fabio Andrico

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DC_blue Dzogchen community course Includes: Teacher Training Level1


July - 16 - 2015 - July - 23 - 2015


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    Laura Evangelisti & Fabio Andrico

    Laura Evangelisti & Fabio Andrico

    This Teacher Training is open to all those who already know and practice the First Level of Yantra Yoga and want to deepen their understanding or become instructors.

    The First Level of Yantra Yoga consists of all three preliminary groups, the five series of Yantras, and the pranayamas related to the first and second series.

    The course will be taught in morning and afternoon sessions led by the two principal instructors of the International Dzogchen Community to facilitate individual guidance for each participant.

    Taking this course is a great way to gain practical experience and is a prerequisite for those seeking to become an authorized Yantra Yoga instructor.

    To register, please complete a registration form available from International Dzogchen Community:

    form to register to the YY TT level one in Kunsangar North

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