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Yantra Yoga Teachers Training 3rd Level (Part II)

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DC_blue Dzogchen community course Includes: Kumbhaka


February - 08 - 2015 - February - 15 - 2015


    Course Description:

    Yantra Yoga Teachers Training 3rd Level (Part II)

    with Fabio Andrico and Laura Evangelisti


    This course is open to all advanced Yantra Yoga practitioners, but especially for all of our authorised teachers.


    • Review of the Yantras for training and for progressing of the First and Second series
    • The Yantras for training and progressing of the Third, Fourth and Fifth series
    • Review of the Seven Lotuses
    • Review of the Pranayamas, and particulary the Pranayama of the Fifth series

    The last day of the course will be a group supervision of the Second level teachers who are ready for the Third level.

    SCHEDULE: To be announced




    Dzamling Gar, 38678 Adeje/Spain