Open Courses

Open Courses OC_red

Consisting of different Modules which contain the elements of Yantra Yoga practice.
These are for anyone who wishes to learn about and benefit from the practice of Yantra Yoga

Yantra Yoga: Base Course Module: (sometimes referred to as a Beginners Course):

This Module contains the Preliminary Practices called:

The Nine Purification Breathings

The Five Tsigjong Movements

The Eight Lungsang Movements

Yantra Yoga: First Module

This Module contains:

The Five Tsadul Movements and Pranayama

The First Series of Yantras

Yantra Yoga: Second Module

This Module contains:

The Second Series of Yantras

Rhythmic Breathing

The Vajra Wave

Yantra Yoga: Third  Module

This Module contains:

The Third Series of Yantras

Yantra Yoga: Fourth Module 

This Module contains:

The Fourth Series of Yantras

Yantra Yoga: Fifth Module

This Module contains:

The Fifth Series of Yantras

Supervision Courses for New Instructors:  First & Second Level

Supervision Courses are taught by Yantra Yoga Practitioners who have been training with the intention to become Authorized Instructors. During the course either Senior Instructor, Laura Evangelisti or Fabio Andrico, or sometimes both, are present and observing the new prospective instructor/s as they teach the course, which can last from 4 – 6 days typically.Therefore it is a unique opportunity to deepen the practice of Yantra Yoga and especially how to teach under the guidance of an expert Teacher.

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This course contains:

  • Base Course Module 
  • First Module
  • Second Module
  • Third Module
  • Fourth Module
  • Fifth Module 
  • Pranayamas 1- 5